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Best texas holdem books

If you are looking to better your game, I can't think of a better teacher then Jonathan Little. I have read quite a few books on Texas holdem no need to list and bad mouth other authors and none of them have explained concepts as easy as Jonathan little does. I only play small stakes cash games so it was great to finally read something that is geared specifically for the stakes I play. Its amazingly easy to read, and the concepts and strategies discussed can be implemented immediately for quick results. I laugh to myself when I do the small adjustments He recommends only to see most players do exactly what he says they will do things I have done in the past.

I have struggled with being a winning player in poker for 13 years, that is going to change now. Just after using a few of the strategies held in this book I booked my first cash. It was a small win, but none the less one that I have never experienced. Thats another point. This book is for cash games, But I find that many of the strategies discussed transfer over to tournament play as well.

I cant wait to read his book on small stakes tournaments next! If you want to be a better player, buy this book. If you want to find leaks in your own game, buy this book. Also, google search Jonathan Little, and you will find a vast resource list of very affordable training information he offers. To the author, Thank you for writing this book. I give it a 5 star for the 'intended audience'. If you've read all the 'older' Harrington books, 'Theory' books, etc. For several years the 'older' books worked for me basically play tight and be patient.

That will still work against like-minded play, but it is boring as hell and you're leaving a LOT on the table. When my win rate slipped, I knew I needed an adjustment, and was getting frustrated while trying different 'plays'. This book basically tells you how to open your game up by being aware of situations and players, then 'playing the players' while still playing solid hands 'solid' for different situations, that is.

The book is geared toward playing "exploitable" poker which works VERY well at most small stakes games. It does NOT work against very good players who know how to counteract those strategies and who are "aware" of what's actually going on at the table'. Thing is, if you do play at higher level games, you will be able to adjust I think. I'm not there yet. Many of the concepts I already had implemented, but it is good to have a 'framework' to fall back on and it helps to see where improvement is needed. Also, if nothing else, it confirms that the adjustments I already made from 'standard play' to win at low stakes were correct. When you deviate from what you learned as 'correct play' you wonder if it is a leak in your game even when the results seemed positive.

It was nice to see in print that I was actually doing it right in many cases! Yes, there is more variance in this method of play, but not all that much and it works MUCH better and is more fun than just playing ABC poker. Jonathan Little has a talent for describing the topic of poker strategy in a simple, easy to follow way. Although this book does not go into extreme in-depth and complex strategies, it touches on many common straight forward situations a player in a small-stakes cash game may encounter. The real value comes from a few select sentences or paragraphs in which Little is able to deliver a nugget of advice that resonates with the reader and gives them a concept to consider when playing that is more general and isn't necessarily for a specific rare occasion.

Vai su Amazon. Consegne illimitate in 1 giorno. Iscriviti ad Amazon Prime: Ulteriori informazioni su Amazon Prime. This is not a "relaxing, enjoyable" book - it will challenge you to think and really work to comprehend the information that is presented. I highly recommend it for people of any skill-level, but those who have been playing the game for a while and really want a deeper understanding of Texas Hold Em will really benefit from and enjoy this book! This really is a solid book for beginners. However, as Sklansky writes in the introduction, "Those readers who haven't played any kind of poker at all would be wise to pick up a book such as the Fundamentals of Poker [ Furthermore, Hold 'Em Poker does not contain a complete "system" that will tell you when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

This book takes the novice poker play to a point where he or she can begin to see WHY it's good to hold certain hands and fold others. Sklansky introduces the reader to the concept of outs and pot odds, and explains the idea that poker is not about breaking even or winning pots. Poker is about making money over the long run. Furthermore, Sklansky, like any good teacher, gives you homework. At several points in the book, he writes, "I urge the reader to deal out a few hundred hands himself. If you are a complete beginner when it comes to poker rules, this is not the book for you.

If you are looking for a complete system, this is not the book for you. However, if you are serious about becoming a better hold 'em player, this is a great book. This is not a book to read while drinking a beer and watching the ballgame on TV. Like most Sklansky books, it's packed with information delivered in a dry, straightforward style reminicsent of college math or engineering texts. The ideas, while often subtle, are very powerful if the reader will take the time to read, re-read, and probe them in poker games and out. Much of the material is in the form of brief essays. The portion on non-optimal play in loose games is worth the price of the book all by itself. The same can be said of the heads up play section.

This book in my opinion is Sklansky's best book, with Theory of Poker a close second. Take the time and make the effort to understand what he's saying and take your game to a new level. If you are a serious limit holdem player this always has been required reading but it has become more and more a study in the history of holdem in recent years.

Changes in playing style and improvements in general play make it more of an intermediate read than the first step to serious advanced play that it was when first published. Copertina flessibile. EUR 18, Every Hand Revealed. Gus Hansen. EUR 11, EUR 9, Thinking, Fast and Slow. Daniel Kahneman. EUR 10, L'autore Dario De Toffoli is one of the best games players in the world. Visualizza tutte le applicazioni di lettura Kindle gratuite. Dillo alla casa editrice. Vorrei leggere questo libro su Kindle Non hai un Kindle?

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Hold'Em Poker for Advanced Players: holly-cartone.danielrothman.net: David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth: Libri in altre lingue

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